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Project Type: Commercial Tenant-Improvement

Contractor/Builder: Secure-Rite fabrication team

Interior Designer: Hannah Katey Interior Design

Style: Modern, Industrial, Approachable, Creative

Photographer: Grant Robinson Photography

The Secure-Rite office update was so much fun to work on. From the start, it was clear that the owner, Lucas, and his staff at Secure-Rite were such a friendly and approachable group who are so passionate about their craft. Not only do they offer storage within their containers, they offer customized designs for any use. They quite literally live sleep and breathe shipping containers, and wanted an office meeting space that would be a better reflection of how limitless their products can be. The existing space included an open concept layout that did not offer much privacy for boardroom meetings. Our clients knew they wanted a space that felt comfortable for guests and staff, with a more on-brand feel. The team wanted to include parts of shipping containers where possible, and thanks to their creative on-staff fabrication team, they were able to deconstruct and install the containers as needed. We designed a new enclosed boardroom to appear as though it was inside an actual shipping container. We included an accent wall made out of the wood flooring found inside a typical container, and a full back-painted glass whiteboard wall for their collaborative team meetings. We converted and applied parts onto two large glass french doors for a formal yet grand feel. The new boardroom table was made from corner posts and container wood flooring as well. One private office was converted to look like a taco-truck, with a fixed awning opening and string lights. We incorporated the teams playful branding colours throughout, with pops of navy, light blue, and green where possible. We hung two light blue container doors as art in the open area, and installed a full corrugated metal wall in the reception, painted in the branding colours and following a chevron pattern that was repeated throughout their website.

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