Hannah Berger is an Interior Designer based in Kelowna, BC with over 10 years of experience in the design field. She first started her career in Victoria BC in 2010, while attending Pacific Design Academy's Interior Architectural Design program. She prides her work on being unique as well as adding subtle details that give a one-of-a kind personalized feel for her clients. Whether the space is residential or commercial, she believes it should reflect the homeowner or brand to-a-T. After moving to Kelowna in 2013 with her young son, she worked as a home stylist and it was then she fell in love with the finishing touches + attention to detail that will set her interiors apart. Later, Hannah began working for a firm that specialized in renovations which allowed her to work closely with trades and learn what they require from a designer specifically, in order to communicate and execute the vision from start to finish, which has resulted in many award-winning projects throughout her career. Her taste is classic yet edgy, organic yet polished. She believes contrast and balance is everything in a design, and lives by these rules at work and at home. Family and relationships are the driving force of her motivation, and without balance of both work and home life, one would suffer without balance of the other.